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Surface survey

Release time:2020-04-13

The purpose of this surface resistivity survey was to delineate the development direction of a gold ore deposit. The surface resistivity survey uses a 10m interval cable, which enables the ZZ Universal system to detect an explorable depth of up to 120m. The system found a low resistive band from 0-350m. This data was compared with logging data. The surface resistivity image was highly similar to the logging data.

This resistivity survey aimed to locate a potential mineral deposit. Five lines of surface-resistivity surveys were taken in the field.


In accordance to the inversion sections below, the blue area circled in red showed low resistivity and was concluded to have mineral deposits. This result corresponded with initial site investigation, where orebody outcrops were found. Other low resistivity areas were interpreted to comprise of aquifer zones due to the absence of orebody outcrop.

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