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ZZ Universal 61-Channel Resistivity/IP Meter

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Measurment variables Resistivity, IP and SP
Operating time 30 data points/second
Measurement range From -10V to +10V
SP compensation Automatic cancellation
Resistivity cycle times From 0.1S to 10S
Automatic multi-electrodes Yes
Data samping rate 100KHZ
Data storage Unlimited
Data transmission USB
Power supply External 12V battery
Operating temperature -20 to +70 oC
Operating Humidity 98% RH
Weight 5.3 kg
Dimension 339 x 295 x 152 mm
Built-in GPS Optional
Power 250W
Current Up to 3A
Accuracy Better than 0.2%
Voltage option 1 50/120/350V (100/240/700Vp-p)
Voltage Option 2 100/250/600V (200/500/1200 Vp-p)
Electrodes 64
Channels 61
Accuracy Within 0.1%
Input impedance > 107 Ohm.m
Input voltage protection 1000V
AD resolution 24 bits
Noise suppresion Better than 100 dB, automatically suppresses powerline noise

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